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Global reach and continuous dialogue

We specialize in chartering of general cargo vessels of all sizes and gear requirements, as well as heavy lift vessels, floating cranes, mobile cranes, barges and pontoons all over the world.

Our clients benefit from our global reach and continuous dialogue with vessel owners, shipbrokers, networks and agents, offering solutions based on cargo particulars, deadlines and vessels positions at the time of shipment.

Special road transports and planning

Our team arranges special road transports and planning through carefully selected partners with proven track records and unparalleled fleets of equipment, providing safe and reliable transport and even installation if needed.

Survey arrangements

We provide a wide variety of documentation services to cater all needs depending on client and unique project requirements.

Collaboration with various, third-party survey companies provide assistance and survey arrangements anywhere in the world – 365 days a year. This includes cargo, loading and pre-loading surveys as well as Marine Warranty Surveys. The latter includes consultancy related to pre-planning, risk assessment and design of sea fastening arrangements prior to loading activities.

Continuous vessel monitoring worldwide and dialogue with vessel owners

Special transport partners with unparalleled fleets of equipment

Survey arrangements all over the world